You are welcome to get in touch - ask about becoming a member!



01323 734713 messages may be left when closed



You may also like to come in to the office and enquire about membership, or enjoy a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

see below for times.


The address is:

Westdown House,

Hartington Place,


East Sussex,

BN21 3BN



Office opening times:

10am to 12:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday



Club opening times :

Monday     6pm to 11pm (regular bar 

                 opening time)                

Tuesday   10:30am to 2pm & 6pm to 11pm

Thursday  10:30am to 2pm & 6pm to 11pm

Friday       10:30 to 2pm

Saturday   10:30 to 2pm (closed in  

                 evenings except for functions)



Bar opening times:

Monday:          6pm to 11pm

Tuesday:        10.30am - 2.00pm 

                        6.00pm - 11.00pm 

Wednesday:  CLOSED

Thursday:      10.30am - 2.00pm 

                       6.00pm - 11.00pm 

Friday :          10.30am - 2.00pm 

                      (closed in evening

                       except for functions)

Saturday:       10.30am - 2.00pm

                       (closed in evening except

                       for functions)

Sunday:          CLOSED                     


Please note that the bar will close at about 15 minutes before these times to allow the staff to check the till and clean up.



        COMING UP!





December 2018:

Monday 17th          Christmas Mini Quiz 2:30pm


Friday 14th             Carols, Punch and Lunch


Thursday 20th       Darts Night 7:30pm

Saturday 22nd       Christmas Draw & Buffet




JANUARY 2019    

Wednesday 9th      Afternoon Tea*  2:30pm

Monday 21st           Mini Quiz   2:30pm

Tuesday 22nd        Sottish Lunch 12:30pm

Thursday 31st        Darts Night  7pm



Friday 1st                 Quiz Night  7:30pm

Wednesday 6th      Afternoon Tea*   2:30pm

Monday 18th           Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Saturday 23rd         St David's  7:30pm

Thursday 28th        Darts Night  7;30pm



Friday 1st                Quiz Night 7:30pm

Wednesday 6th      Afternoon Tea 2:30pm*

Thursday 7th          Bingo!  7:30pm

Saturday 16th        St Patrick's Night  7:30pm

Monday 18th          Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Thursday 28th        Darts Night  7:30pm



Wednesday 3rd     Afternoon Tea*  2:30pm

Thursday 4th          Bingo!  7:30pm

Friday 5th                Quiz Night  7:30pm

Monday 15th          Mini Quiz   2:30pm

Saturday 20th        St George's Night  7:30pm

Thursday 25th       Darts Night  7:30pm

Friday 26th             Club AGM 6:30pm

                                 followed by Fish 'n' Chips 


Wednesday 1st     Afternoon Tea*  2:30pm

Friday 3rd               Quiz Night  7:30pm

Thursday 9th         Bingo!  7:30pm

Monday 20th          Mini Quiz  2:20 pm

Saturday 25th        Club Dinner  7:30pm

Thursday 30th       Darts Night 7:30pm   



Wednesday 5th      Cream Tea*  2:30pm 

Thursday 6th          Bingo!  7;30pm 

Friday 7th                Quiz Night 7:30pm

Monday 17th          Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Thursday 27th       Darts Night 7:30pm

Saturday 29th        Summer festival Buffet 7:30pm



Wednesday 3rd     Cream Tea*  2:30pm   

Friday 5th                Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 13th         Club Dinner  7:30pm

Monday 15th          Mini Quiz  2:30pm  

Thursday 18th       Bingo!   7:30pm

Thursday 25th       Darts Night  7:30pm



Thursday 1st        Bing!   7:30pm

Friday 2nd             Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 10th       Club Dinner  7:30pm

Monday 19th        Quiz 2:30pm

Thursday 29th      Darts Night  7:30pm     



Thursday 5th       Bingo!  7:30pm

Friday 6th             Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 7th        Charity Coffee 10:30am

Monday 16th        Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Saturday 21st      Club Dinner 7:30pm

Thursday 26th     Darts Night 7:30pm



Wednesday 2nd   Afternoon Tea* 2:30pm

Friday 4th              Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 12th      Autumn Table Sale 10:30am

Monday 21st        Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Saturday 26th      Club Annual Dinner

                                6:45pm for 7:30pm

Thursday 31st     Darts Night  7:30pm



Friday 1st              Quiz Night  7:30pm

Wednesday 6th   Afternoon Tea* 2:30pm

Monday 18th        Mini Quiz  2;30pm

Thursday 28th     Darts Night  7:30pm

Saturday 30th     St Andrew's Night 7:30pm



Thursday 5th      Bingo Christmas Party  7:30pm

Friday 6th            Qiz Night  7:30pm

Friday 13th          Carols Punch and Lunch 11:30am

Monday 16th       Christmas Mini Quiz 2:30pm

Thursday 19th    Darts Night  7:30pm

Saturday 21st     Christmas Draw & Buffet 11:30



  . . . and remember - there are the following additional activities!



Pop-In snack-Lunch

Every Thursday & Friday

11:30am to 1:30pm

Just come in - no need to pre-order

last orders at 1:30pm


Coffee every Tuesday from 10.30am followed by Book Club


Lunches every Tuesday throughout the year at 12.30pm


"Knit & Natter" meet every Thursday at 2.15pm


Saturday coffee mornings from 10:30am to noon



The club will be closed for the Christmas holiday on Saturday 22nd December at 2:00pm and will re-open on Thursday 27th December.

The club will also be closed on Tuesday 1st January 2019