You are welcome to get in touch - ask about becoming a member!



01323 734713 messages may be left when closed



You may also like to come in to the office and enquire about membership, or enjoy a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

see below for times.


The address is:

Westdown House,

Hartington Place,


East Sussex,

BN21 3BN



Office opening times:

10am to 12:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday



Club opening times :

Monday     6pm to 11pm (regular bar 

                 opening time)                

Tuesday   10:30am to 2pm & 6pm to 11pm

Thursday  10:30am to 2pm & 6pm to 11pm

Friday       10:30 to 2pm

Saturday   10:30 to 2pm (closed in  

                 evenings except for functions)



Bar opening times:

Monday:          6pm to 11pm

Tuesday:        10.30am - 2.00pm 

                        6.00pm - 11.00pm 

Wednesday:  CLOSED

Thursday:      10.30am - 2.00pm 

                       6.00pm - 11.00pm 

Friday :          10.30am - 2.00pm 

                      (closed in evening

                       except for functions)

Saturday:       10.30am - 2.00pm

                       (closed in evening except

                       for functions)

Sunday:          CLOSED                     


Please note that the bar will close at about 15 minutes before these times to allow the staff to check the till and clean up.



        COMING UP!





December 2018:

Monday 17th          Christmas Mini Quiz 2:30pm


Friday 14th             Carols, Punch and Lunch


Thursday 20th       Darts Night 7:30pm

Saturday 22nd       Christmas Draw & Buffet




JANUARY 2019    

Wednesday 9th      Afternoon Tea*  2:30pm

Monday 21st           Mini Quiz   2:30pm

Tuesday 22nd        Sottish Lunch 12:30pm

Thursday 31st        Darts Night  7pm



Friday 1st                 Quiz Night  7:30pm

Wednesday 6th      Afternoon Tea*   2:30pm

Monday 18th           Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Saturday 23rd         St David's  7:30pm

Thursday 28th        Darts Night  7;30pm



Friday 1st                Quiz Night 7:30pm

Wednesday 6th      Afternoon Tea 2:30pm*

Thursday 7th          Bingo!  7:30pm

Saturday 16th        St Patrick's Night  7:30pm

Monday 18th          Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Thursday 28th        Darts Night  7:30pm



Wednesday 3rd     Afternoon Tea*  2:30pm

Thursday 4th          Bingo!  7:30pm

Friday 5th                Quiz Night  7:30pm

Monday 15th          Mini Quiz   2:30pm

Saturday 20th        St George's Night  7:30pm

Thursday 25th       Darts Night  7:30pm

Friday 26th             Club AGM 6:30pm

                                 followed by Fish 'n' Chips 


Wednesday 1st     Afternoon Tea*  2:30pm

Friday 3rd               Quiz Night  7:30pm

Thursday 9th         Bingo!  7:30pm

Monday 20th          Mini Quiz  2:20 pm

Saturday 25th        Club Dinner  7:30pm

Thursday 30th       Darts Night 7:30pm   



Wednesday 5th      Cream Tea*  2:30pm 

Thursday 6th          Bingo!  7;30pm 

Friday 7th                Quiz Night 7:30pm

Monday 17th          Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Thursday 27th       Darts Night 7:30pm

Saturday 29th        Summer festival Buffet 7:30pm



Wednesday 3rd     Cream Tea*  2:30pm   

Friday 5th                Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 13th         Club Dinner  7:30pm

Monday 15th          Mini Quiz  2:30pm  

Thursday 18th       Bingo!   7:30pm

Thursday 25th       Darts Night  7:30pm



Thursday 1st        Bing!   7:30pm

Friday 2nd             Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 10th       Club Dinner  7:30pm

Monday 19th        Quiz 2:30pm

Thursday 29th      Darts Night  7:30pm     



Thursday 5th       Bingo!  7:30pm

Friday 6th             Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 7th        Charity Coffee 10:30am

Monday 16th        Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Saturday 21st      Club Dinner 7:30pm

Thursday 26th     Darts Night 7:30pm



Wednesday 2nd   Afternoon Tea* 2:30pm

Friday 4th              Quiz Night  7:30pm

Saturday 12th      Autumn Table Sale 10:30am

Monday 21st        Mini Quiz  2:30pm

Saturday 26th      Club Annual Dinner

                                6:45pm for 7:30pm

Thursday 31st     Darts Night  7:30pm



Friday 1st              Quiz Night  7:30pm

Wednesday 6th   Afternoon Tea* 2:30pm

Monday 18th        Mini Quiz  2;30pm

Thursday 28th     Darts Night  7:30pm

Saturday 30th     St Andrew's Night 7:30pm



Thursday 5th      Bingo Christmas Party  7:30pm

Friday 6th            Qiz Night  7:30pm

Friday 13th          Carols Punch and Lunch 11:30am

Monday 16th       Christmas Mini Quiz 2:30pm

Thursday 19th    Darts Night  7:30pm

Saturday 21st     Christmas Draw & Buffet 11:30



  . . . and remember - there are the following additional activities!



Pop-In snack-Lunch

Every Thursday & Friday

11:30am to 1:30pm

Just come in - no need to pre-order

last orders at 1:30pm


Coffee every Tuesday from 10.30am followed by Book Club


Lunches every Tuesday throughout the year at 12.30pm


"Knit & Natter" meet every Thursday at 2.15pm


Saturday coffee mornings from 10:30am to noon



The club will be closed for the Christmas holiday on Saturday 22nd December at 2:00pm and will re-open on Thursday 27th December.

The club will also be closed on Tuesday 1st January 2019




                 About The Club

Established in 1872 by a group of eminent Eastbourne residents and regular visitors as the"Devonshire Club, Eastbourne Ltd" by an issue of shares with the then Duke of Devonshire taking a substantial number and honoring them by becoming the first President of the Club. The share issue was so successful that they proceeded to build the club at Grand Parade, corner of Burlington Place.

In a report in the Eastbourne Herald in July, 1873 the Duke expressed himself "in high approval of the arrangements and general character of the building".

The Club was officially opened on 6th August, 1873 with an entrance fee of 1 Guinea and a subscription of 3 Guineas (at today's rates this would be equivalent to about £73 and £219 respectively - more than double todays fees!

At some stage the Club moved to a "Colonial type Bungalow" situated on the seafront and, we are told that "a telescope was permanently pointed at the beach!" The property has since been replaced by the block of flats called Clive Court.

In 1965 the club aquired the classical YWCA building in Hartington Place, almost opposite the Esperance Hospital. Later, in conjunction with Walter Llewellyn & Sons it was decided to demolish the building and create Westown House, providing the current club on the ground floor, with residential units above. The Llewellyn family, having been members for many years agreed to time the completion of the new club in time for it's Centenary in 1972. The current Duke of Devonshire is the President of the Club today.

The club boasts excellent facilities where members and their guests are able to relax, eat, drink or play a game of snooker on what are widely regarded as two of the best tables in the town.

The restaurant offers good value home cooked lunches on Tuesdays between 12.00 noon and 2.00pm. As you will see in the Diary, the restaurant is also used for many social and formal lunches and dinners for members to attend and also to invite guests.

The lounge is often used for smaller private functions and may be hired for such events. The lounge is also used by members of the Devonshire Bridge Club twice a week (a private bridge club using our facilities, which members are free to apply to join).